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When I was little (after realizing I could never grow up to be a professional race-car driver), I decided I’d grow up to be a field journalist. I wanted to interview people, learn their stories, and then write about them. This trek is a realization of that dream.


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Potty to Go

You can see how I use this in the Subaru by checking out my video. This is my #1 favorite gadget on my trek. Why? You know why! Click here.


High-Waist Yoga Pants

Who knew it was possible to find high-waisted yoga pants from Amazon that are thick enough to not show your giggly parts! They are thick enough (but not hot), are soft inside, have a large cell-phone pocket perfectly placed, are long enough, and come in a ton of colors and sizes from XS to 3X. (Buy one size up if your thighs are full.) I wore there every day of my trek and kept my car keys in the deep pocket. That saved me a dozen times! Click here.


Utensils and Straw Kit

This kit is great for three reasons. It includes a straw and a straw cleaning brush, the knife actually cuts, and it zips closed. I've used the kit every day on my trek. I clean them with a wet wipe. Click here.


Cordless Fan

I've used this fan nearly every day that I've car carmped in the Subaru. With the sunroof vented and this fan running on low speed, I had zero condensation on the windows. It recharges via USB and lasts all night on low speed. On high speed it'll last half the night. Click here.


Rotating Headlamp

Every night car camping I used this headlamp. It lasted the whole trek on the same batteries! The headlamp is adjustable up and down, which I used all the time. Many light adjustments too, all the way to very bright. Click here.


Thermal Top

When I used to ski, I had a top like this (awesomely warm), but this one is longer, so even when you’re moving around, your booty isn’t gonna show. It hits me mid-hip, which is a perfect length. The arm length is perfect, and it’s soft on the inside. Order one size up if you want some movement. I've slept in this 90% of the time car camping in my Subaru. Click here.


Sunroof Mosquito Net

While in Mississippi I used this so that I could sleep with the sunroof open on hot nights without sharing the space with bugs. It's magnetic, so it stays where you put it. Click here.


Large Road Atlas

Finding myself in a place with no cell service and going in the wrong direction doesn’t ignite my creative spirit (it panics me)—hence this magnificent atlas. It’s mammoth at 15.5” and is exactly what I want in those crossroads. I can't believe how many times I used this on my trek when I had no cell service. Click here.


Car Floor Mats (4)

I cannot tell you how many times these floor mats saved me on my trek. They can hold a lot of sand and liquid! Spray them off and they're good to go. Four for under $20 delivered to my door before the trek! Click here.

There’s gear that matters when car camping. Here are a few of my favorites and why.