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When I was little (after realizing I could never grow up to be a professional race-car driver), I decided I’d grow up to be a field journalist. I wanted to interview people, learn their stories, and then write about them. This trek is a realization of that dream.


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Ángela was driving her car on a wet mountain road when she collided with an eighteen-wheel semitruck that had hydroplaned. The impact to the driver’s . . .

by Ell Hawley

Alzheimers - The Browns.png

It takes an hour for Stan to get ready in the morning. As he stands, his wife, Deb, shaves him. The electric razor is new, and they’re still getting used to it . . .

by Ell Hawley

Crane Refuge - Sample Crane.jpeg

The breeze blows through the pine trees, generating a low hum that makes you stop and listen to everything around you. This is the Mississippi Sandhill . . .

by Ell Hawley


Doing laundry on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi just got better. With its high-end machines, clean as could be, café tables, lounge chairs . . .

by Ell Hawley

Waffle House (2).png

Music from the jukebox plays as my waitress hums along. Shades block one wall of windows from the Mississippi sun. The air conditioning helps it stay cool . . .

by Ell Hawley